Our Author Requirements

Becoming a Link-able author

Link-able is a great platform to help you earn better revenue with your writing. However, Link-able is not for every writer and we have extremely strict qualifications. Please review our author requirements found below before applying for your Link-able author account.

Who should apply?

First and foremost, it’s essential that you understand what Link-able is before you apply. We get hundreds of applicants who are simply looking to earn money writing online and apply without understanding how Link-able works. Many applicants seem to think that we have writing jobs for them. We do NOT. We have link building jobs. Link-able is a freelance marketplace that connects businesses (clients) with freelance authors (potentially you) who they can hire to build quality and relevant backlinks for SEO and PR. As an author, you earn revenue by building relevant backlinks for clients within the articles you write and get published. Link-able is ideal for authors who love to guest blog on quality sites (although you can utilize any white hat link building techniques). This means you should be capable of contributing articles on at least several different websites within whichever niche you specialize writing about. For example, if you love to write about cryptocurrency, you should be able to guest blog on several websites within the cryptocurrency niche. If you love to write about fitness techniques, you should be able to guest blog on websites within the health/fitness niche. Please review our home page and our FAQ page to learn more about what our clients are expecting from you.

What are the qualifications?

At Link-able, we strive for excellence and the highest quality of work possible. Here’s our requirements for each and every author:

  • Must speak, read, and write in fluent/native English
  • Must have exceptional writing skills
  • Must have experience/knowledge with the topics you write about
  • Must have at least 3 different samples of your writing (each published on different websites) so that we can checkout the quality of your writing
  • Must have a sufficient knowledge and understanding of SEO and why link building is important
  • Must be able to contribute your articles on quality websites related to the niche you special in
  • Link building experience is not necessary, but you must be able to think creatively and relevantly build links within your articles
  • Must be reliable and able to complete work by the required deadlines & follow directions

What to expect?

If you feel that you meet all these requirements and are still excited to join Link-able, then submit your author application! We review each application and if we like it, we’ll contact you to schedule an interview. This may take some time, depending on our needs. Please allow us anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks. Thank you and good luck!

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