Our Link-able Guarantee

Authors will successfully complete each job you hire them to do on our platform (and do top-notch work) or else you get your money back.

Here’s how it works:

We require all authors to submit a Link-able job contract to you (the client) for each job they perform. Much like a typical contract, it’ll specify the price, timeframe, scope of work, deliverables, and anything else you need to know. If the author can’t successfully complete their contract, then let us know and we’ll refund your full money back. It’s that simple!

Furthermore, you never pay authors directly. Simply deposit the author’s payment on Link-able and we’ll hold it (kind of like escrow) to ensure the author does the work as promised. This protects both parties and makes hiring virtually risk-free! If the author fails to deliver, you’re guaranteed a full refund since the author can’t just take your money and run (in the highly unlikely event the author is that unscrupulous)!

You can learn more about the full details here on our terms of service.