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Backlinks are valuable for online business. On Link-able, you can connect with clients in your niche looking to hire writers who can build quality backlinks for SEO and PR. Here's how it works:



We’ll relevantly match you with businesses in your niche. Simply connect with these clients and discuss the backlink(s) you can build for them.

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Negotiate your price with the client and get hired. We guarantee you’ll get paid for your work (as long as you successfully complete the job of course).

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Once hired, simply begin building the backlink(s) you had discussed. Most authors do guest blogging, but we allow any white hat link building techniques.

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Once your work is finished, mark the job as complete and get paid. It’s as simple as that! Our authors see an average earnings amount of $382 per link they build!

How much can you earn?

The cost of building a link varies depending on several factors, primarily the DA (Domain Authority) of the website and the link attribute.


For lower DA sites


Our authors earn an average of $382 per link built.


For the highest DA sites

Some frequently asked questions...

Link-able is ideal for any freelancer who has exceptional writing skills and is capable of building quality backlinks for SEO and PR. You don’t necessarily need to be an “author” to join as we have SEO professionals, digital marketers, and even business owners/entrepreneurs who are already out guest blogging for themselves, using our platform. You should have a strong knowledge of SEO and understand how to build white hat backlinks. You can view our full author requirements here. We call our freelancers “authors” because we believe that link building is best suited for those with exceptional writing skills who can contribute authentic and authoritative articles on quality websites about topics they specialize in.
Businesses (clients) typically join Link-able to build backlinks for SEO and PR, so we focus heavily on link building jobs. However, in addition to link building, clients can also hire authors on Link-able for various writing jobs like blog writing, press release writing, video script writing, email marketing writing, social media writing, and various other writing jobs that help them with their content marketing.
While we do have various writing jobs like blog writing, copywriting, video script writing, etc., we require all authors to have solid knowledge of SEO and link building. Having writing skills is only half the puzzle… a technical background in SEO and link building is the other half.
Yes! We welcome and seek out world-class authors from all around the globe. However, all our authors must be capable of writing fluently in English.
Link-able is completely free to join and use. However, like most freelance job platforms, Link-able takes a percentage of your earnings so that we can maintain our platform and continue providing quality jobs for our authors.

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