How much does Link-able cost?
Link-able is free to join and use. However, you’ll naturally need to pay authors you hire for their work. Like many freelance job platforms, we take a percentage from the author's earnings so that we can maintain our platform and ensure each author performs the quality work they promised.
How much do authors charge for their work?
This really depends on the individual author and the type of work done. For link building, the cost typically varies depending on several factors, such as the DA (Domain Authority) of the website and the link attribute (dofollow or nofollow). Most authors on our platform charge anywhere from $150 to $1000 for building a single backlink. For content writing work, again, this depends on the author and the scope of work. Link-able is not ideal for those who have a low budget or looking to outsource work to cheap writers.
What kind of work can I hire authors for?
Essentially any kind of writing work that grows traffic! Primarily link building via guest blogging and content writing jobs such as blog writing, copywriting, video script writing, press release writing, product description writing, email marketing writing, social media writing, etc.
How do authors build my backlinks?
Most authors typically build backlinks via outreaching and guest blogging. You can always ask authors on how they plan on building your links just to be sure.
Is Link-able good for local link building?
Yes, we can also be used for local link building as well. We have authors who can build links on more localized publications for small businesses that are geo-specific.
Can I tell authors what url and anchor text my link should have?
Yes, we encourage clients to work closely with the author to discuss what your link building goals are and how you'd like to get referenced.
Is Link-able white hat?
Authors on our platform typically build backlinks via outreaching and guest blogging to create powerful PR, direct referral traffic, brand awareness, authority, and other benefits. Guest blogging is nothing new and many popular SEO agencies utilize guest blogging with their own in-house writers to build backlinks for their clients. If you're seeking dofollow links, it's difficult to say if this is white hat or not. According to Google's Webmaster Guidelines, Google states: "Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links" are considered to be a link scheme. Technically, if you're not building guest blogging links in mass or using keyword rich anchor text, it's not considered a violation. Regardless, all authors on our platform are prohibited from paying publishers for placing dofollow links (buying backlinks) in our terms of service and we manually review each link built to ensure the highest quality possible. Each link is only added if it is relevant and will never appear spammy, promotional, or paid for in any way. Furthermore, you're always free to ask the author on how they plan on building your link.
Can I work with multiple authors?
Of course! This is actually preferred as it creates a very natural and diverse link building process. Every author is different and has their own unique writing style, skills, and talents.
How do I pay authors?
Paying authors for their work is quick, safe, and easy. Simply deposit the author’s payment on Link-able and we’ll hold it (kind of like escrow) to ensure the author does the work as promised. Your payments are processed via Stripe, a popular and trusted 3rd party payment processing platform which accepts all major credit cards.
Can I get a refund?
All payments are final once placed since it would be unfair to ask for a refund once the author has already started working. However, you will get a refund if the author cancels or can’t successfully complete their work.
Is there some sort of guarantee?
Yes, you are protected by our Link-able Guarantee.
Will the author's work be high quality?
Yes! This is something we take very seriously at Link-able. We have strict quality standards that all authors must adhere to for every job. If not, you’ll get a full refund and we’ll even consider banning the author from our platform.
How do I get started?
Simply sign up for a client account and post your first project to get started. We'll review your project and then start connecting you with relevant authors who have the skills and talent needed for the job!
Who should join the Link-able Author Program?
Our Author Program is ideal for any freelancer who has exceptional writing skills and is capable of building quality backlinks for SEO and PR. You don’t necessarily need to be an “author” to join as we have SEO professionals, digital marketers, and even business owners/entrepreneurs who are already out guest blogging for themselves, using our platform. You should have a strong knowledge of SEO and understand how to build white hat backlinks. You can view our full author requirements here. We like to call our users “authors” as our Author Program is best fit for talented writers who can contribute authentic and authoritative articles on quality websites about topics they specialize in.
Why should I join?
SEO is a $65 billion-dollar industry and with backlinks continually being one of Google’s top-ranking factors, link building can be a lucrative opportunity. Our platform offers premium link building jobs posted by reputable businesses looking to build up their SEO/PR. If you’re looking to earn more for your writing and build up your freelance career, then you should join Link-able!
How much can I earn for building a single link?
The cost of a backlink typically depends on a variety factors, such as the DA (Domain Authority) of the website you can build the link on and the link attribute (dofollow or nofollow). In general, the more popular and authoritative the website is, the more you'll earn. Most authors on our platform earn an average of $375 for each link they can build, but earnings can range anywhere from $150 to $1000, depending on the budget of the client.
Can I set my own price?
Yes, we allow you to set your own price. If you’re unsure what to charge, we also provide a suggested price based off of the current industry rates.
Is there a limit on the number of links I can build or the amount I can earn?
There is no limit on any of these. You can build as many links as you can (as long as it's relevant and makes sense to do so) and you can also earn as much as you can make. The sky is the limit!
How much does Link-able cost?
Link-able is completely free to use. However, like most freelance job platforms, Link-able takes a percentage of your earnings so that we can maintain our platform and continue providing quality jobs for our authors.
How do I get paid?
Anytime a client hires you to do a job, we require that they deposit the full funds ahead of time, before any work has started. We’ll hold the funds in escrow to ensure that the client will pay you for your work, and also to ensure that you will do the work you’re hired to do. This fairly protects both parties. Once you’ve successfully completed your work, we’ll release your payment to you via Stripe. Note that we do have a 30-day guarantee in place for clients, which means you’ll need to wait roughly one month after you’ve fully completed your job before getting paid.
Can I build nofollow links?
Yes, but it depends on what the clients need. Some clients may want dofollow links for SEO while others are ok with nofollow links for PR and direct traffic. Every client’s needs are different.
What if I only guest blog occasionally?
That’s ok! You can still join Link-able and find jobs for when you do decide to guest blog!
How do I get started?
Simply apply for your Link-able author account. After your account is approved (we will need to manually review your application and check your writing experience), you can then sign into your account and get started!

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