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You're an exceptionally talented writer who loves to write and can guest author for websites within your niche.
Step 2
Join Link-able and search for content you can link to in your next article. You'll only find quality results that would make great links.
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Relevantly add a link to the content you find within your article. Then publish your article on a website you can guest author for.
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Sit back and relax as you get paid for each link you’ve added within your article from Link-able!

Earn more with your writing

Freelance writers often don’t get paid enough for their work. With Link-able, you can multiply your writing revenue without having to write more! Get paid for simply adding relevant backlinks within your work to sources you choose.

Get paid up to $750 for a single link

You can earn anywhere from $100 to $750 for each link you add – and you can add as many links as you can get. Many of our Content Authors earn over a $1000 in additional revenue just for a single article!

Choose what you want to link to

You can search for and choose only the content you want to link to – and then get paid for it! On Link-able, we only allow websites with high-quality content, so you always have great choices to link to.

Work with topics you’re already working on

There’s no need to write about a topic you don’t want to. Simply search on Link-able to find great content you can link to that’s related to the topic you’re already writing.

Safe, private, & anonymous

Build links that you want in a safe and anonymous method. Your name and identity is kept anonymous and you can privately earn more revenue for all of your work.

Earn more for your writing today

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What our users saying...

This is really a brilliant idea. I’m a blogger and do a lot of link building outreach anyways for my own site. So I might as well earn some extra revenue, lol. The last few months have been really great and I’m making enough now to have an actual career from this! And I’m still growing my own blog! I love Link-able! Thank you!

Content Author

I never dreamed I could earn this much for my writing! I made over $7000 last month alone and have been able to find new jobs regularly. I highly recommend Link-able and am grateful to you guys for helping me earn so much extra money. I will definitely keep working to write and publish amazing content!

Content Author

Link-able has really helped me grow my writing career and I was able to quit my job and now become a full-time guest blogger! They have really interesting and good websites you can link to and they also pay really well too. I can focus on writing a great piece for publishers. I always go above and beyond in my work. Now I just need to work on finding more guest blogging opportunities!

Content Author

I’m getting paid over 1k an article now! This is so amazing and I am so thankful for this. I’m finally able to make a really good salary doing what I love! You do have to be careful though as I think most publishers probably won’t want you to do this, but I can find really relevant sites to link to and it looks so natural they can’t tell. This is a dream come true for me.

Content Author

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